UPCYCLING: Bubble Wrap Made From Waste Wool.

26. August 2022 | Waste, Material | via Woola.io


Bubble Wool packaging material made from leftover sheep wool. (Credit: woola.io)

Estonia-based packaging manufacturer Woola upcycles waste wool to Bubble Wool, a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble wrap. According to Woola, in Europe 90% of sheep wool is burned or buried - that’s around 200 000 tonnes every year. However Woola found a way to set up an infrastructure around that surplus sheep wool and created a whole supply chain for “low grade” wool. “Wool is a naturally high-tech fibre. Its elasticity, water repellency, and resistance to extreme temperatures make wool a perfect material for packing items that need extra cushioning.” Wool-based packaging is durable and can be reused multiple times. Plus, Woola is setting up a Returns System to keep the precious material in the loop.

Why does so much wool go to waste? | Woola