GREEN RECYCLING: Decoding the Role of Composting in Bioplastic Breakdown.

10. November 2023 | Material, Waste | via


(Credit: pinus2 / Pixabay)

Switzerland-based United Nation Global Compact member and research platform MDPI published a review paper that summarized the current knowledge about the degradation of bioplastics through composting and provides an in-depth exploration on the mechanism of biodegradation of bioplastics and the role of specific microorganisms and enzymes during the composting process in various settings like compost, soil, and water. The review covers various aspects of bioplastics, from their production and properties to their degradation rates and emphasizes the importance of composting as an eco-friendly disposal method. The knowledge gained in this study will also contribute to the development of policies and assessments for bioplastic waste, as well as provide direction for future bioplastics research and development.