PAECCO: Pasta Packed Zero Waste.

29. March 2022 | Success Stories | via


Pasta packed zero waste - by Paecco (Credit: Paecco)

Munich-based noodle producer Paecco has a clear vision when it comes to packaging: A world without plastic. Inspired by nature, the company opted in for a packaging that works just like an orange peel, a wrapping that keeps its content fresh and degrades into biomass once discarded. Paecco doesn’t want to leave any trace behind and therefore they teamed up with Repaq, a German specialist for plastic-free and 100% circular zero-waste packaging solutions. Now Paecco’s entire packaging, including glues and printing inks, will completely decompose in a matter of weeks right in your backyard.

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Pasta packed zero waste - by Paecco (Credit: Paecco)

“Compostability is a key factor when we talk about recyclable packaging. Recycling processes currently consume a lot of energy, chemicals and water. With composting, we simply leave this task to nature. Not only does this save us resources, but this process is infinitely repeatable. Even if some packaging ends up in the environment or our oceans, the great advantage of compostable packaging is that, depending on the bioactivity, the packaging decomposes again and goes back into the cycle of our planet.” Laurids Schäkel, Founder of Paecco.