BIOGROS: Closing The Loop With Home Compostable Repaq Films For Organic Foods.

31. May 2023 | Success Stories | via


Home and garden compostable packaging for organic foods. (Credit: / 2021)

Luxembourg based organic and biodynamic food wholesaler Biogros supplies a full range of fruits, vegetable and organic foods from well-known organic brands such as Naturata, Rapunzel or Lebensbaum as well as a whole series of regional organic products and imports from neighboring European countries. Biogros focuses on a commitment to organic farming and the cooperation of all those involved in a value chain in the interests of sustainable economic structures. “All entrepreneurial considerations of the entire corporate group are based on resource-saving, ecological management. For BIOG/Biogros, the reduction of packaging waste on the one hand and the decision for the ecologically best packaging on the other hand are important goals that have always been consistently pursued.”, says Sandra Delattre, Marketing Communication Biogros. With the home compostable packaging foils from Repaq, a German specialist for plastic-free and 100% circular zero-waste packaging solutions, Biogros found the right partner on their path towards a plastic-free future. Since Biogros also had to adapt to the EU regulations regarding packaging materials, the collaboration with Repaq came just in time. In addition, local disposers have agreed in advance to accept Repaq's films and compost them, resulting in a complete closure of the loop.

Home and garden compostable packaging for organic foods. (Credit: / 2021)

"The Repaq film meets our requirements in terms of ecology, handling and processability. In addition, it enables us to meet the Demeter Association's requirements for plastic-free packaging," adds Sandra Delattre.