YAMO: Home compostable packaging for snack bars.

15. September 2021 | Success Stories | via yamo.bio


Organic snacks for children of all ages by yamo (Credit: yamo.bio)

Swiss-based food startup yamo produces 100% organic and plant-based snacks for children of all ages made from whole organic fruits & veggies. yamo uses the high pressure process (HPP) to keep porridge fresher and preserve vitamins. This cold pressing preserves many natural vitamins, such as vitamin C, the fresh taste and the strong colors, while germs and bacteria are eliminated at the same time. yamo’s snack bars will be packed in home and garden compostable packaging from rePAQ, a German specialist for plastic-free and 100% circular zero-waste packaging solutions.


“We have chosen rePAQ packaging because their customer service is excellent and we were able to start to pack our snack bars together with rePAQ quickly and reliably.” Apart from this “we develop and distribute food for babies and children. Therefore, operating pollutant-free is our top priority.” José Amado-Blanco (CIO and Co-Founder of yamo)