SOULBITES: Vegan Fitness Food Packed Plastic Free.

10. May 2022 | Success Stories | via


Home and garden compostable packaging for vegan fitness food. (Credit:

Germany-based snack producer SoulBites aims to create healthy snack bars in a sustainable manner. SoulBites produces vegan fitness food that is meant to offer a superior alternative in every way, i.e. better bioavailability, micro and macronutrients, more taste and particularly sustainable. The environmental driven company actively dispenses plastic packaging materials and an overloaded list of ingredients. SoulBites teamed up with Repaq, a German specialist for plastic-free and 100% circular zero-waste packaging solutions. That means from now on SoulBites' foil packaging, including glues and printing inks, will completely decompose in a matter of weeks right in your backyard.

Home and garden compostable packaging for vegan fitness food. (Credit:

“We were keen to use circular packaging in line with our mission at SoulBites “Make Impact Tasty”. Only Repaq could meet our claims as a zero waste film with the highest possible environmental standard worldwide.” - SoulBites