THE NU COMPANY: Garden compostable packaging for snack bars.

27. November 2020 | Repaq


The Nu Company packs both its bars nucao and nuseed, as well as the protein powder nupro in garden compostable packaging from Repaq, a German specialist for plastic-free sustainable packaging.

The Nu Company distributes high quality, vegan organic bars and so it is obvious that they cannot be packed in conventional plastic. Repaq has developed a printable foil packaging for The NU that meets the high demands of food packaging while being made of 100% renewable resources and fully biodegradable.

The packaging is fully printed on the outside and has a pleasant organic feel. In addition, the Repaq packaging optimally protects the bars through excellent barrier values and runs at high cycle rates on the packaging machines, which is one of the key requirements for sustainable packaging, as Sven Seevers, Repaq's CTO and Co-Founder, says. "A switch to better packaging must not slow down the packaging process and endanger the quality of the contents“.

Thomas Stoffels, Co-Founder of The Nu Company adds: "Not only has the standardized process reduced our production costs, but Repaq's home and garden compostable certified packaging continues to tell our story. Customers love our packaging (and of course the bars) and retailers reward our innovation. Thanks to the plastic-free packaging, we hit the nerve of the times and overcome the hurdle to retail listing“.

The packaging becomes a clear advantage in a competitive market. In summary, the investment in sustainable Repaq packaging has accelerated and supported The Nu Company's success.