DYPER: A Subscription Service for Compostable Diapers.

31. October 2023 | Material, Waste | via dyper.com

DYPER_01_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie

Eco-conscious parenting made easy. (Credit: DYPER.com)

Arizona-based diaper company Dyper is on a mission to change the way parents in urban areas approach diapering. With a strong commitment to sustainability and convenience, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers, which are made from conventional materials and typically take hundreds of years to decompose. Dyper’s bamboo diapers use Chlorine-Free fluff pulp and are made without natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They’re also free of ink, as they don’t have any patterns printed on them. To round off the whole package, Dyper teamed up with TerraCycle to launch their ReDyper program, through which subscribers can send back their soiled diapers in provided bags and specially designed boxes. Dyper is continuously working on the disposal process to find alternative ways to process diapers. Current approaches include commercial composting and pyrolysis using a patent-pending biochar system. The company is proud of its commitment to transparency and provides detailed information about the materials used in their diapers and their sustainability efforts on their website.

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