REPORT: Demystifying Biopolymers And Compostable Packaging.

07. October 2023 | Waste | via


(Credit: Brian Yurasits / Unsplash)

New York based Closed Loop Partners is at the forefront of building the circular economy. With their report “Navigating Plastic Alternatives in a Circular Economy” they aim to demystify the world of bio-based plastics, biopolymers, and compostable alternatives while uncovering the opportunities and challenges they present in the quest for sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. “This work unpacks the opportunities and challenges within the industry’s move toward these alternative materials, considering sustainable sourcing of feedstocks and end-of-life recovery pathways.” As companies increasingly seek eco-friendly alternatives to plastics, such as bio-based plastics, biopolymers, and compostable materials, they aim to align their products and packaging with sustainability goals. These efforts come in response to strategies aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling plastics. However, the rapid adoption of these new materials is outstripping the capabilities of existing waste recovery systems. This discrepancy underscores the urgent need to bridge the gap between production and end-of-life management to prevent compostable packaging from ending up in landfills.

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