COMPOSTABLE PLASTICS: Boosting Carbon Capture, and Microplastic Reduction.

22. September 2023 | Waste, Plastics | via


Transforming waste into a resource with compostable packaging materials (Credit: Daina Krumins / Pixabay)

Berlin based association European Bioplastics released a paper on how compostable bioplastics can contribute to soil health. The paper shows how compostable plastics could play a vital role in improving the quality and quantity of separately collected organic waste. Organic waste could be used to create high-quality compost, which is essential for healthier and more resilient soils. Compostable plastics contribute to rebuilding soil organic matter and establishing carbon sinks. Additionally, they help reduce the presence of microplastics in soil by decreasing contamination of organic waste streams. This positive impact extends to soil-biodegradable alternatives used in agriculture, benefiting agricultural soils as well. Read more…

Composting: how to feed our soils and store carbon