SUSTAINABILITY: Eco Packaging From Africa.

01. January 2022 | Material | via Africana Skincare


Eco packaging from Africa handcrafted by African artists. (Credit: Africana)

Ghana based skincare company Africana aims to bring african culture closer to you through their natural african skincare products and their natural native materials as well as their ancestral techniques of craftsmanship. Africana considers its packaging as equally important as the product itself. That’s why they source all of their materials locally in Ghana, making use of what nature already provides. When ordering your skincare product, you can choose between three different types of packaging designs. The Full Calabash design e.g. is handcrafted from a species of fruit, also known as calabash or bottle gourd (Lagenaria). The calabash has been used for centuries in Ghana, West Africa to store food, liquids, and natural cosmetics. The packaging includes a handcrafted wooden spatula which you can also use to mix a new batch of skincare product right in your reusable calabash. All materials used are natural, reusable and recyclable.

The story behind Africana skincare & it's founder Tatiana