SAVRpak: A Sustainable Food Preservation System.

11. June 2022 | Waste | via


SAVRpak keeps your produce fresh and crispy twice as long. (Credit:

SAVRpak aims to reduce global food waste. SAVRpak is designed to maintain your harvest freshness, flavors and textures. SAVRpak is said to extend the shelf life of fresh produce by 4 to 14 days. It also works for hot foods, like food delivery and takeaway systems. Humidity and condensation are among the biggest problems when it comes to freshness of foods. SAVRpak works by utilizing thermodynamics to pull condensation from the air, preventing food from going soggy. SAVRpak is available as a „Peel & Stick'' pad as well as a „Drop In” sachet. SAVRpak is 100% chemical free, 100% food safe and biodegradable.

SAVRpak Science 101