RESEARCH: New study validates degradation of compostable bioplastics.

21. June 2023 | Waste | via


Composting test validates biodegradation of compostable food packaging. (Credit: Antun Karlovic / Pixabay)

Chaire CoPack, in partnership with AgroParisTech and the University of Montpellier, has conducted a scientific study that validates the biodegradation of certified compostable food contact packaging in industrial composting facilities. According to the article on the four-month composting test took place under real industrial composting conditions without forced aeration. 20 tons of food and biowaste from households and 323 kg of various certified compostable packaging were used. Researchers from the University of Montpellier and AgroParisTech monitored the study in collaboration with the industrial composting platform of the Syndicat de Centre Héraut in Aspiran. The study examined commercially available food packaging representative of the European market such as compostable bags, film, food trays, and coffee pods composed of different resins certified for industrial composting (EN 13432) or home composting (NF T51-800).

The start of the test (left): certified compostable shopping bags, trays, coffee capsules, and films are mixed with organic waste. After composting (on the right side) compostable plastics are disintegrated and biodegraded. (Credit: