HYLEA: Premium Organic Brazil Nuts Packed Plastic-Free.

04. June 2021 | Success Stories | via Hylea-foods.com


Premium Organic Brazil Nuts by Hyla. (Credit: Hylea.de)

Hylea is one of the world's most important producers of Brazil nuts. The Bolivian-based company produces according to the highest ecological and social principles as well as organic guidelines and has been working closely with the WWF for years. Hylea covers the entire value chain from harvesting and processing to distribution and can therefore guarantee full traceability and the best quality. They support natural farming as well as social development on location and protecting the rainforest is always at the core of their actions. The environmental protecting and sustainability driven company has now decided to opt in for the new, innovative and plastic-free packaging from Repaq.


Compostable doypacks from Repaq are made entirely of natural and renewable raw materials and decomposes within 180 days after disposal. A 100% sustainable packaging solution that picks up on Hylea's corporate philosophy.