PURE TEA: Authentic Organic Teas Packed In Plastic-Free Doypacks.

05. May 2021 | Success Stories | via Puretea.de


Fair Trade high quality bio Oolong tea by Pure Tea (Credit: Puretea.de)

Luneburg-based fair trade tea company “Pure Tea” wants to make tea lovers happy. They focus on fairness, organic cultivation, best quality and a unique taste. “Pure Tea” builds a close connection between the farmers on their plantations on the one side and the tea connoisseurs and tea lovers on the other. From now on “Pure Tea”  will deliver their pure products in plastic free doypacks from Repaq - a cellulose based sachet that biodegrades in your garden compost. The label and all printings too are food-safe, free of mineral oils, solvents and any additives. Even the glue is vegan and completely biodegradable. 


“With our new packaging, we want to take a step in the right direction and do something good for our environment.”