MYCELIUM: Capture Carbon In Your Lawn.

22. March 2021 | Initiatives | via Kickstarter


Capture Carbon In Your Lawn. (Credit: NetZero / Kickstarter)

Atlanta based NetZero is a biotech company in the climate drawdown space. The NetZero mycelium is a half pound mycelium orb that is set to capture one ton of CO2 in your lawn, garden, urban lot, forest or farm annually, by simply placing the orb into a watering can or hose sprayer. The one-time application is said to last up to ten years without any reapplication, special tools, or maintenance and rejuvenates the soil as well as helping plants thrive.  

“NetZero Orbs are composed of ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae fungi, which are proven to be effective in capturing significant amounts of atmospheric CO2. Our mycelium technology forms a symbiotic relationship with plants’ root systems, extending their reach 1,000-fold, giving them access to water, nutrients, and allowing the plants to communicate under the soil while sequestering 50% of their carbon!”

Introducing NetZero