RUBIO: Renewable Plastics Hub In Central Germany.


(Credit: Konstantin Kolosov / Pixabay)

18 companies and research institutions have joined forces to form an alliance called Rubio. The entrepreneurial alliance aims to create a new hub for technical bioplastics in Central Germany and wants to make use of the large quantities of cellulosic and lignocellulosic residues and recyclables available in this region to produce its own bioplastics. Highly sustainable materials made entirely from plant waste that can be recycled multiple times into new, equivalent products should become a reality in a few years time. Rubio's network covers the entire value chain from biotechnology to industrial processing and recycling. In this way the alliance aims to establish an innovative and sustainable competence cluster for biobased and biodegradable bioplastics, including the development of appropriate recovery and reuse strategies in line with a holistic recycling approach.