GONESHELLS: A Peelable Juice Bottle That Dissolves In Water.

06. March 2023 | Material | via bioinnovation.se


A peelable juice bottle made from potato starch. (Credit: Tomorrow Machine)

Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine teamed up with juice company Eckes Granini for a zero waste juice bottle project and developed a potato starch-based material called GoneShells. According to an article on bioinnovation.se, GoneShells is supposed to offer a sustainable alternative to common food packaging materials such as plastic, glass or paper. The material consists of a starch-based core coated with a bio-based biodegradable barrier against liquids, oil and oxygen. Like peeling a fruit, the bottle can be taken apart after use, thanks to its spiral-like construction, which breaks down the barrier property and starts the decomposition process. Although the new material did not quite meet the requirements as a fruit juice bottle, the project was able to show that bio-based composites with a barrier do have potential to replace single-use plastics for many applications.

Vid text: Tomorrow Machine designs a potato-based juice bottle that peels like an orange