ECO-PRODUCTS: Field Testing With Compostables.

01. February 2023 | Waste, Material | via


Field test of compostable packaging materials at the A1 Organics compost facility. (Credit:

Colorado based packaging manufacturer Eco-Products provides sustainable single-use foodservice products made from renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. Together with their customers, they strive to improve composting and recycling, and collaborate with the broader industry to shift how businesses and consumers think about and manage waste. Besides testing their products for compostability in the lab, “field testing is a crucial step on the path to Zero Waste.” they state on their website. Together with A1 Organics and the Compost Manufacturing Alliance they set up field tests at the A1 Organics compost facility to confirm that their products break down using the modified static aerobic pile (MSAP) method. Check out the video below…

Creating Zero Waste Success in Colorado - Field Testing Compostable Packaging