ZERO WASTE: Refill Stores for Kitchen, Bath, and Home.

11. February 2020 | Waste, Material | via


Refill Stores for Kitchen, Bath, and Home. (Credit: Aldo Murillo /

“The zero-waste lifestyle might just be reaching its apotheosis in our era”, states Dakota Kim in her article on “With so many bulk and refill shops opening up, there’s no reason to throw away shampoo and detergent containers anymore. But these shops aren’t stopping there—many of them are also following a no-tox lifestyle, subscribing to EWG’s Skin Deep Standards and providing for every basic need, even beyond food, beauty, and household cleaners. The old-fashioned general store has been reborn in a modern format, providing for all your daily needs, from refillable dental floss containers to beeswax food wraps.”