ZERO WASTE: Eatable Food Containers.

29. October 2021 | Waste, Material | via


Eatable food containers by Forest & Whale. (Credit: Forest & Whale)

Singapore based multi-disciplinary design studio Forest & Whale has embarked on a research and innovation project that aims to reduce single-use plastic waste from food delivery and takeaway systems. They started exploring compostable and edible materials to create takeaway containers to replace existing plastic versions. According to an article on, “Forest & Whale designed a salad container that is edible and can also be composted together with food waste, thus minimizing its end of life impact. Made of wheat husk for the base and PHA (a bacteria based composite) for the lid, both can be composted as food waste, without the need of any special infrastructure or industrial composting facility. And if the material accidentally went into the ocean it will fully decompose within 1-3 months, without any microplastic left behind.”

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