WASTE PROCESSING: Recovery And Recycling Machinery.

15. July 2022 | Waste, Politics | via Komptechamericas.com


Topturn X63 Compost Windrow Turner (Credit: Komptechamericas.com)

Denver-based machinery manufacturer Komptech Americas creates innovative machinery and systems for the treatment and processing of solid waste and organic waste materials for recovery and recycling. Their product range includes over 30 different types of both mobile and stationary machines that cover all key processes in modern waste processing. According to their website they also provide you with deep industry knowledge across a variety of waste processing applications. The roots of the brand began in Austria, where Komptech became one of the first companies in Europe to introduce equipment built to process organic waste. It was here that the precise European engineering behind Komptech equipment took shape.

Komptech Topturn X63 Compost Windrow Turners - Aerial Drone Footage 2017