UPCYCLING: Colorful, metallic garments made of recycled VHS tapes.

17. December 2019 | Waste, Material | via Fastcompany.com


Garments made of recycled VHS tapes. (Credit: Fastcompany.com)

According to an article on Fastcompany.com, in today’s era of sustainable fashion, eco-friendly garments take on many forms: there are sequins made from plant matter, fabric dyes made from fruit, and even thread made from bread. But repurposing natural materials isn’t the only avenue to climate-conscious clothes; recycling manufactured products—already present on our planet—are worthy ingredients too. Benjamin Benmoyal, a fashion student at Central Saint Martins in London, recently unveiled a collection entitled “It Was Better Tomorrow.” In an exciting twist, all of the clothes he designed are made of discarded video and cassette tapes.