UK: ‘Plastic Free Trust Mark’ helps customers dodge plastic packaging.

08. December 2018 | Initiatives | via

Iceland will start putting the label on relevant products within its own-brand ranges from next month (Credit:

According to an article on new labeling will assist shoppers in buying food and drinks that aren’t packaged in plastic. Campaign group A Plastic Planet is behind what’s called the Plastic Free Trust Mark, adopted thus far by some supermarket chains and a tea company. The campaigners are hoping that the labeling will inspire more retailers to jump on the plastic-free bandwagon.

Sometimes it’s obvious that the food item you’re about to buy is wrapped in plastic — other times, not so much. For example, the discovery that most of the tea bags in Britain contained plastic shocked consumers. A Plastic Planet co-founder Sian Sutherland told The Guardian, “Our trust mark cuts through the confusion of symbols and labels and tells you just one thing — this packaging is plastic-free and therefore guilt-free.”

The new Plastic Free Trust Mark could help shoppers discern whether or not there’s plastic in packaging with a quick glance. According to U.K.-based tea brand Teapigs, one of the early adopters of the new labels, there are several alternative materials to use in accredited packaging: glass, metal, wood pulp, compostable biomaterials and carton board. Sutherland said she hopes the move helps slash plastic waste, saying, “Finally shoppers can be part of the solution, not the problem.”