TRACELESS: Agricultural Residues Derived Biomaterials.

14. June 2023 | Material | via


traceless - natural biopolymers derived from agricultural industry residues. (credit:

traceless materials” is a circular bioeconomy start-up based in Hamburg that offers a sustainable alternative to plastics and bioplastics by extracting natural biopolymers from agricultural industry residues. Their base material comes in the form of granulate. It's chemical-free, water-insoluble, storage-stable and home compostable. According to their website, the quality and functionality of traceless materials are competitive to those of conventional plastics and bioplastics, while being compostable under natural conditions. Designed for plastic converting technologies, the materials can be further processed to flexible films, rigid material, as well as single-use products, high abrasion products, paper and cardboard coatings & adhesive solutions. Since traceless materials are neither chemically modified nor synthetically polymerized, they won’t fall under the EU Plastic Directive.

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