SUSTAINABILITY: Avocado-based cutlery.

09. September 2019 | Material, Waste | via


Biodegradable utensils made entirely out of avocado seeds. (Credit:

Today, many eco-friendly companies are creating products that will help stop the single-use plastic problem, according to an article on These innovations include a portable, metal straw, a “living seawall,” and, thanks to Mexican company Biofase, biodegradable utensils made entirely out of avocado seeds.

Using pits predominantly leftover from guacamole and oil manufacturers, Biofase creates forks, spoons, knives, and straws. Like disposable plastic tools, these utensils are durable and suitable for hot and cold contents. What sets these pieces apart, however, is that they don’t end up in a landfill. Instead, they biodegrade after 240 days.

This endeavor is perfectly suited for Mexico-based Biofase, as the country currently produces half of the world’s avocado supply. This means that tons of avocado seeds end up being thrown away, and, eventually, burned at landfill sites. By turning them into utensils, Biofase keeps both pits and plastic out of the trash.

Developing this technology took Biofase founder and director Scott Mungía two years. Now, he and his 14 employees are producing 130 tons of this “avoplast” each month and are gearing up to expand by November.

If you want to purchase your own avocado-based utensils, stop by the Biofase shop. Here, you’ll find their range of products, perfect for “restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, schools, and any other place that wants to join the biodegradable revolution.”