SULAPAC: An Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative.

21. October 2022 | Material, Plastics | via


Biodegradable plastic alternative made from waste wood chips. (Credit:

Finland-based biomaterial developer and manufacturer Sulapac offers eco-friendly alternatives for traditional fossil-based plastics. Sulapac's portfolio includes a range of biodegradable materials made from waste wood chips and biodegradable binders. Their key features include sustainable sourcing, toxic free, mass-producible and industrially compostable. Sulapac materials can be used on existing converting lines to replace conventional plastics, such as polypropene. The processing of Sulapac materials (granules) is possible with traditional plastic product machinery and technologies, including injection molding and extrusion. Sulapac materials are industrially compostable meaning they have been tested for disintegration, biodegradability, effect on the biological treatment process and effect on the quality of the resulting compost (biomass) and ecotoxicity during a composting process at 40-60oC (104-140oF).

Uusi puu 2021 finalist: Aesthetically appealing and multi-functional biomaterial – Sulapac