PEEL: A Chair Made Entirely From Hemp Bast Fibre.

24. May 2023 | Material | via


The PEEL Chair by Prowl Studio + M4 Factory (Credit: Noah Webb)

San Francisco based design studio Prowl and Integrated Product Design and Manufacturer M4  Factory from the Chicago area teamed up to create The PEEL Chair, a chair made completely out of hemp-based materials. The chair and all of its components are made from hemp bast fiber, a byproduct of hemp and cannabis industrial processing. The chair's structural frame is injection molded from a bioplastic based on a mix of hemp bast fiber and biopolymers. The chair is topped off with a completely novel hemp foam cushion that is encased in hemp bioleather, which was developed with NYC-based material innovators Studio Veratate. The cushion and the frame structure, although they both contain the same fibrous contents, have different expected life cycles - The frame is designed to last a long time, but can biodegrade within six months if added to an industrial compost. The cushion is home compostable. It can be quickly and responsibly disposed of when it loses its comfort, or the user wants to upgrade with a new color or finish.