OCEAN PLASTIC: Ocean Cleanup returned from the pacific garbage patch.

13. December 2019 | Waste, Initiatives, Plastics | via Fastcompany.com


Plastic catch extracted from System 001/B (Credit: Theoceancleanup.com)

The end of the first voyage for The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch nonprofit that hopes to rid the world of ocean plastic, is the end of a long journey for founder and CEO Boyan Slat, who first presented the concept of his device at a TEDx talk in 2012, and has spent the last seven years designing, funding, and deploying it, says Kristin Toussaint in her article on Fastcompany.com. Now that it’s actually working—pulling debris from the giant vortex of trash that has collected in the Pacific ocean—the next step for the organization is turning that plastic into sustainable products, so you can own a piece of the Garbage Patch and help fund future missions.


First Plastic on Shore / Press Announcement