OCEAN PLASTIC: Dumped fishing gear is biggest plastic polluter in ocean, finds report.

28. November 2019 | Waste | via Theguardian.com


Fishing nets can continue killing for decades, entangling or suffocating marine life, Greenpeace says. (Credit: Sea Shepherd)

Lost and abandoned fishing gear which is deadly to marine life makes up the majority of large plastic pollution in the oceans, according to a report by Greenpeace, says Sandra Laville in her article on Theguardian.com.

More than 640,000 tonnes of nets, lines, pots and traps used in commercial fishing are dumped and discarded in the sea every year, the same weight as 55,000 double-decker buses.

The report, which draws on the most up-to-date research on “ghost gear” polluting the oceans, calls for international action to stop the plastic pollution, which is deadly for marine wildlife.