MATERIAL: Ceramic Made From Oyster Shells.

07. September 2021 | Waste, Material | via


Ceramic made from oyster shells. (Credit:

Design student Jade Echard has developed a range of tableware made out of Ostra, an innovative ceramic-like material made from oyster shells. Jade Echard is developing the material in the laboratories of the Queen Mary Institute of Dentistry in London in collaboration with Dr. Michael Cattell, a specialist in dental technology in biomaterials. Ostra aims to refine oyster shells as a valuable, sustainable and locally resourced biomaterial. It is an alternative material and a system for critically engaging with the whole supply chain. The project engages with local communities, creating a network of people around oyster shells, like oyster farmers, restaurants, scientists and designers. Ostra helps to reduce the pollution load to the environment while also reducing production and transportation costs at the same time.

OSTRA – From Waste to Resource