INDIA: Sustainable brick made of dust and plastic waste.

26. June 2020 | Waste, Material | via Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd.


Rhino´s Silicon Plastic Block made from 100% waste materials. (Credit:

Rhino´s no-waset brick is called “Silicone Plastic Block” (SPB) and it is made of plastic waste and waste sand dust from the foundry industry. Rhino´s R&D team found out that by mixing those two waste materials in a ratio of 20% (plastic) and 80% (sand dust), they start bonding. Further tests have shown that their brick is about two times stronger than a common red brick. It creates no waste, reduces CO2 emissions and makes use of a big amount of industrial waste material.

Check out the story behind the development by Manish Kothari in the video below.

The Story Behind Rhino´s Silicon Plastic Block (Credit: Nandita Kothari)