GREAT BRITAIN: Plastics Federation launches sustainable packaging design tool.

01. October 2019 | Plastics, Social | via


(Credit: BPF - Brittish Plastic Federation)

According to an article on, the PackScore tool is designed for brands, designers and retailers to use at the earliest stages of packaging design to evaluate if it could be easily recycled, and to modify its features if not.

PackScore was originally produced by US plastic packaging and protective solutions company Berry International and was developed by the BPF. It is supported by environmental charity RECOUP and is based off Plastics Recyclers Europe’s Recyclass system, which allows users to answer questions to receive a recyclability rating from A – F. PackScore also focuses on packaging features, such as light-weighting and recycled content.

The BPF said PackScore is committed to help designers produce products that are more sustainable.

BPF director general Philip Law said: “The BPF is proud to announce the launch of PackScore and hopes everyone from brand managers, packaging designers and retailers use the tool. It can play a vital role to facilitate conversations when it comes time to design new products, and help decision makers ensure their products are designed to be recycled.”

Earlier this year, the BPF became one of the many recycling industry experts to form a steering group to help UK not-for-profit company On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) launch a review of its labelling rules. The review aimed to bring the rules in line with OPRL’s progress in collection services and to start to take account of recycling infrastructure.

Last year, the BPF also launched an online form for members to anonymously report any suspect waste-related illegal misconduct to the Environment Agency Intelligence Team.