GAEASTAR: Disposable Clay Cups.

19. April 2023 | Material | via


Single-use cups made from clay, water and salt. (Credit:

GaeaStar, a company based out of San Francisco and Berlin, combined traditional craftsmanship with additive manufacturing techniques to develop a sustainable cradle-to-grave solution for single-use cups. Inspired by the Indian tea cups called “Kulhars”, GaeaStar uses geo-neutral materials to produce disposable clay cups made from earthen materials that disintegrate naturally without any environmental impact. GaeaStar aims to enhance the experience of single use products, by providing a clean conscience, a high-end product feel, at a lower overall cost to society. “Made with only clay, water, salt, and a bit of energy, these thin, elegant cups are the future of sustainable single-use cups.”, they state on their website. “They come in 3 different sizes in terracotta colour. Good for ice cream, fruit, salads, and tapas. They can be branded too.”

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