FARMER PIRATES: A Compost Love Story.

12. January 2023 | Waste, Initiatives | via


Farmer Pirates provide compost and composting services to the Buffalo area (Credit:

Buffalo-based compost crew Farmer Pirates Compost was unofficially started in 2012 by a group of urban farmers who had the need for high quality compost to use on their farms. Since 2014 they have been providing compost and composting services to the Buffalo area. Farmer Pirates aims to makes it simple and affordable for your family or business to divert your food waste from the landfill and start composting. They tackle the obstacles associated with growing food in an urban setting. They share knowledge, land, equipment and buy supplies together in bulk. They operate a composting program to provide the necessary fertility and organic matter to grow healthy food. “We are farming vacant residential land that requires significant investment to amend and develop the soil. Compost is an essential component of this process.  It is also essential on an ongoing basis to grow healthier food sustainably.  Currently, most of our compost is aged horse bedding hauled in from outside the city at a cost that does not afford us the opportunity to fully cultivate our farms.  Compost made from food waste is more rich and fertile and since it is abundant throughout the city we want to build our capacity to haul and manage more food-based compost.” What started with a Kickstarter campaign has now become a refined service and with about 400 residential members and many larger commercial composters on board they are more hopeful than ever about the future of composting in Buffalo!

Farmer Pirates Composting Program