DESIGN: Sustainable Wooden Headphones.

23. October 2021 | Material | via


Sustainable wooden headphones by Meze Audio. (Credit: Meze Audio)

Romania based audio company Meze Audio crafts their Classic 99 headphone from CNC carved wooden parts, such as walnut and maple. The process of shaping just a single pair of ear cups takes up to 8 hours. The whole process of sanding, lacquering, and finishing lasts 45 days. By combining traditional craft with modern technology and innovative design processes, Meze aims to change the perception of headphones as a cheap technical plastic device. It is worth mentioning that all the wood that they use in their headphones is strictly harvested from sources with a certificate of origin. With Meze, old trees that have reached the end of their life cycle get a chance to shine one more time in the shape of a handcrafted headphone. For the 99’s no glue is used, just nuts and bolts. Therefore Meze ensures that all parts and components of the device are easily replaceable which turns the 99's into a truly sustainable audio device.

Meze 99 Classics Design Insight