CREATING AWARENESS: The Cow Bone Kitchen Knife.

18. November 2022 | Social, Material, Waste | via

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Knife handles matching the food that we use it for. (Credit:

For this year's Table Knife Project Barcelona-based custom cutlery maker Florentine Kitchen Knives teamed up with designers around the world, such as sustainable design studio peipei, encouraging them to craft a set of knives reflecting their personal views on the object, using materials in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Besides an “herbal knife” made from wooden slats found on the streets of Barcelona, Benedikt Peirotén from studio peipei came up with another kitchen knife made from a cow bone. “Eating meat used to be a special experience, something celebratory. Something that only existed on special days and was valued accordingly. Today we eat meat at every opportunity, often without awareness, without pleasure. This has gigantic negative effects on our environment and also on our health, the details are easy to research. So how do we become aware of this? This kitchen knife handle is made from a cow bone. An animal by-product that doesn't always find an application. The knife creates a daily awareness of our food and beyond that of our behaviour, which always has an impact on the big picture.” the designer states. All profits from knife sales will be donated to El Llindar, a foundation supporting less fortunate young people to become cooks and front of house professionals in the hospitality industry.

Crafting knife handles from cow bones. (Credit: