ART: Animation Movie Draws Attention To Ocean Pollution.

05. October 2021 | Plastics, Waste, Social | via


“Selfish” - an animation movie by Chen Po Chien (Credit:

Selfish” is an animated film, written and directed by Chen Po Chien, a computer animation artist from Taiwan. The movie is meant to draw attention to the current marine pollution issue. It tells the story of our sick relationship with the oceans. While mankind enjoys the abundance of the seas, we seem to return nothing but dirt and rubbish. We are on the best way to destroy an entire habitat that actually brings so much pleasure to us.

“Selfish” has been curated around the world and selected in several film festivals, such as London International Film Festival, Film Miami Fest, Edmonton International Film Festival, Siggraph Asia and many more.

Selfish(2019) - 3D Animated Film