CIRCULAR ECONOMY: The Middle East's first zero-waste shop has opened in Beirut.

25. March 2019 | Social | via

The zero-waste store is focusing on selling locally made items. (Credit: EcoSouk)

Reducing your environmental impact in the Middle East just got a whole lot easier. According to an article on a zero-waste lifestyle shop called EcoSouk just opened in the Hamra neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. The store's founder claims that EcoSouk is the first fully circular shop in the Middle East. As reported by Fast Company, EcoSouk was founded by Recycle Lebanon, a nonprofit organization focused on creating social change and a circular economy. Fun fact: Souk is another word for marketplace, so basically, EcoSouk just means environmentally friendly shop.

As seen on Instagram, EcoSouk's current product range includes: a refill bar with liquid products such as laundry detergent, vegetable cleaner, dish cleaner and shampoo, as well as solid shampoo bars, essential oils, handmade pottery, upcycled jewelry, handmade pouches and purses made from discarded plastic shopping bags, knives made from reclaimed wood, books about plastic-free living, soap bars, upcycled coasters, all-natural candles, miswak sticks, pencils, and tote bags.

At the moment, the new zero-waste store is focusing on selling locally made items, most of which appear to be made from natural or recycled materials. As Joslin ­Kehdy, the founder of Recycle Lebanon, told Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National, she plans on expanding EcoSouk's product range to include imported products such as bamboo toothbrushes in the future.