BIOPOWDER: Renewable Additives Made From Upcycled Fruit Stones.

24. October 2023 | Material | via


Bio-based functional powders derived from fruit pits. (Credit: BioPowder)

Malta based manufacturer BioPowder aims to pave the way in waste-free packaging solutions by providing natural and sustainable fillers and reinforcing fibers for biodegradable packaging materials. Their innovative micro-powders serve a variety of purposes, including strengthening bio-based composites, enhancing biopolymer and resin-based packaging products, and creating diverse textures and structures in biodegradable packaging materials.

Traditional packaging often relies on non-biodegradable plastics, posing environmental challenges. While plant-based polymers like PHA or PLA offer alternatives, they can face cost and mechanical property hurdles. Paper has been a popular choice, but it lacks water repellency and durability, requiring non-compostable additives or coatings.'s mission is to empower manufacturers to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact. They offer biodegradable fillers for primary packaging materials and coatings, providing hydrophobic properties that are especially well-suited for barrier coatings in paper and cardboard packaging.