BioGun: Open-Source Biomaterial Extruder.

24. February 2022 | Waste, Material | via


BioGun by Markos Georgiou. (Credit:

Barcelona-based multidisciplinary designer, artist, maker and material researcher Markos Georgiou created a BioGun, an open source handheld extruder that gives you the possibility to turn bio-waste materials into new objects in a fun and personalized way. The fact that about one third of all food produced is wasted made Marko start researching and experimenting with bio-waste materials. BioGun aims to alter the way you think of and interact with materials. “The tool democratizes making by hacking the function of an existing screwdriver drill, using digital fabrication tools and accessible materials. By offering the practicality of mass-production machines into a handheld product, new forms of self-expression and creative exploration become possible”, Markos states on his website.

Biogun - A handheld bio-extruder that can be made anywhere by anyone.