BIOFABRICATION: The Algaerium Bioprinter.

11. July 2022 | Material | via


Algaerium Bioprinter by Marin Sawa (Credit:

The collaboration between designer and researcher Dr Marin Sawa and algal scientists at the Imperial College of London led to the development of Algae Printing, a novel method for depositing and growing cyanobacteria and microalgae on solid surfaces. Algae Printing represents the latest development in the biofabrication of semi-living systems. Based on digital printing technology, Algae Printing is an accessible technology for the precise deposition of cyanobacterial and algal cells onto solid surfaces in highly ordered arrays or patterns. The prototype of the “printer” consists of hanging bubble-column photobioreactors, in double-glazed skin, tubed and woven to glass bioink cartridges encapsulated within a transparent bioprinter membrane. Read more…