ZERO WASTE: Turn Waste Into Wonders.

31. January 2022 | Waste, Material | via Stackabl


Custom furniture made from factory offcut felt. (Credit: STACKLAB)

Toronto-based multi-disciplinary design studio STACKLAB created Stackabl, an “innovative system for designing custom furniture without the waste. Developed closely with regional manufacturers, aided by algorithms and robotics, the system identifies their remnant inventory, puts it back through their own machines, and into the hands of their own experts. By leveraging existing regional resources, it empowers local economies while curbing the carbon footprint. A simple configurator seamlessly integrates the designer into the process. Its easy-to- use interface allows users to turn high quality offcuts into custom furniture according to their choices, from colors and patterns to dimensions and densities. Real-time visualizations in 2D and 3D as well as instant pricing feedback make for an intuitive and transparent experience that frees the imagination and opens doors to a world of possibilities.”


Maxine Bench by Benoist F. Drut | Maison Gerard (Credit: Stackabl)