ZERO WASTE: Disposable Grill Made From Mycelium.

11. September 2021 | Material | via


Sustainable disposable grill by Stephanie Signer. (Credit:

Basel-based design student Stephanie Signer created a zero waste disposable grill called ‘Myc’. The grill is made from fungal mycelium, a fungus that’s not only fireproof, but also extremely lightweight and fairly easy to grow. “‘Myc’ was conceived and designed with the intention of making sustainable spontaneous barbecuing experiences possible.” Myc is supposed to come as a compact grill kit which contains a simple grate made of bamboo sticks and uses dried corn cobs as fuel. After bbq-ing, the mycelium shell can be easily shredded into smaller pieces and spread in nature or disposed of on a compost. The pieces will biodegrade completely within a few months.

Fungus: The Plastic of the Future (Vice Asia)