UPCYCLING: Pottery Tools Made From E-Waste.

11. October 2021 | Waste, Material | via Craftspace.co.uk


Artifacts made from e-waste collected in the streets of London. (Credit: Marta Torrent-Boix)

London based designer and artist Marta Torrent-Boix uses e-waste as raw material to build new objects. For her project Urban Mines she created a series of new tools and machines for a ceramic workshop. The objects are entirely made from e-waste that she found in the street in London. Urban Mines consists of three objects: A pottery table made from the residual of a washing machine, a clay extruder made from parts of a vacuum cleaner and a table made from some parts of a microwave. Combining traditional craft with modern technology and innovative design processes, Marta’s work draws attention to a waste problem that is only set to increase in our culture of endless upgrades.

Pottery wheel made from e-waste - The making of