UPCYCLING: Furniture Made From Bodyboards.

05. September 2021 | Material, Plastics | via harrywillpeck.wixsite.com


‘Wave Cycle’ by Harry Peck. (Credit: harrywillpeck.wixsite.com)

Design graduate Harry Peck created a sustainable plastic furniture range, called ‘Wave Cycle’,  made from recycled surf and bodyboards. About 16,000 polystyrene bodyboards are believed to be abandoned on UK beaches every year. “The design and manufacturing process of ‘Wave Cycle’ is committed to supporting and celebrating environmentalism within the surfing industry. This process also provides a recycling solution to the waste within short life polystyrene packaging foam. Through taking a short life material and increasing the longevity in the form of a long-life piece of furniture that is part of a circular manufacturing system, it highlights innovation”, Harry Peck states on his website.

Wave Cycle Stool