UPCYCLING: Footwear Made From Antique Leather Gloves.

12. July 2022 | Material | via Matthiaswinkler.at


“Tandler” - traditionally handcrafted boots made from old working gloves. (Credit: Matthiaswinkler.at)

Berlin-based Matthias Winkler is a non binary post avant-garde footwear brand built around a sustainable process of shoe production. All shoes are handcrafted, using traditional techniques and heritage machinery. The brand takes an alternative approach to the concept of fashion and therefore uses existing resources, such as deadstock material, antique working gloves or worn out leather pants. Matthias Winkler celebrates craftsmanship and pays tribute to nature by creating products that excel in detail and value. 

“Tandler” e.g. is a handmade boot made from old working gloves. The sole is made of recycled leather, austrian organic felt and natural crepe, fixed with wooden nails.