TERRATEK: TÜV OK For Home Compostable Film Resin.

02. June 2023 | Material | via greendotbioplastics.com


Terratek BD3003 is designed to require less raw material while maintaining durability and flexibility. (Credit: greendotbioplastics.com)

Kansas based compostable bioplastics developer and supplier Green Dot Bioplastics has received certification OK Compost HOME from TÜV AUSTRIA for their Terratek film resin BD3003. Green Dot is a full service bioplastic company, offering a wide range of sustainable materials including: wood plastic composites, starch biocomposites, biodegradable composites and compostable elastomers. According to an article in their news blog Terratek BD3003 was developed to achieve a film alternative to low density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene blown and cast films. It can be utilized as either a sealant in a lamination to a compostable print web. Alternatively it could function as a stand-alone web that can be surface printed and used in Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) as well as Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) applications with lower seal initiation temperatures. Additionally, this material shows excellent dart and puncture properties which allows for the film to be used as an alternative to traditional PE films without sacrificing performance and meeting the demands of numerous flexible packaging applications. Film flatness, as well as bubble stability and consistency in processing have also been identified as manufacturing benefits.

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