18. July 2022 | Politics, Waste | via


(Credit: Jens P. Raak / Pixabay)

With the amendments to the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) entering into force on 1 July 2022, an extended registration requirement now applies to all packaging types, states an official announcement on This means that packaged goods may only be distributed in Germany if their producers have registered with the LUCID Packaging Register.

“Throughout Europe, the producer of a product also takes producer responsibility for the packaging – in terms of preventing packaging waste in the first place, but also in terms of optimising reuse and recovery of what cannot be prevented. For Germany, implementation of this responsibility is assured by the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act). This is where the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) assumes the task of registering those bearing producer responsibility, making them public, and fostering transparency and legal certainty through its other activities (e.g. data reporting). The ZSVR also monitors further ecological objectives, such as compliance with recycling quotas and the financial support to promote more sustainable packaging.”