SUSTAINABILITY: Recyclable And Compostable Paperboard Cutlery.

20. February 2021 | Material | via


Recyclable And Compostable Paperboard Cutlery. (Credit:

California-based EcoTensil has introduced their new AquaDot range of plastic-free, extra sturdy, folding paperboard cutlery. Their multi-functional utensils are plastic-free, recyclable and compostable, and are made from certified sustainably forested material. EcoTensil cutlery is also set to use up to 80% less material than most other single-use cutlery made from plastic, bio-plastic or wood. 

“EcoTensil products have always set the standard for the greenest utensils available, and now we are excited to take that to the next level with our new, longer lasting AquaDot range. This line is a perfect, easy, versatile and cost-effective replacement for plastic utensils on just about any food package,” says EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross.

EcoTensil® Plastic-free Cutlery - a solution to on-package plastic utensils